As bearing suppliers we pride ourselves on providing genuine leading brand products as well quality approved alternatives for a more cost-effective solution. In short, we are dedicated to consistently providing you with high-quality parts, at a price that suits your budget.

         Ball Bearings
                            Roller Bearings


Pillow Block 


Linear Motion Guide


Bearings are mounting into industry of:

● Automotive industry: Vehicle wheel, Generator, A/C motor, Starter motor, Transmission motor, Motor engine, Gear box;
● Agricultural industry: Tractor, Combine harvester, Seeder, Thresher;
● Power Machinery: Diesel generator, Dynamotor, Air compressor;
● Industrial Motor: Gear motor, Pump motor, Sewing motor, Papermaking motor, Medical equipment motor;
● Electrical tools: Electronic Hammer, Angle Grinder, Circular saws, Belt Sander, Cutting machine.



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